Membership to the Manitoba Percheron Belgian Club is $40 for a single and $80 for the family.  Membership Form is attach please fill out and submit to the secretary.

Benefits of membership include:

-1 vote for single and 2 votes for family membership

-receive the 2 publications of the Draft Horse Times (club Newsletter) in April and December

-free classifieds in newsletter

-name listed on website, and advertising by the club in the Draft Horse Journal, Belgian Banner and Percheron Broadcaster

The club holds their AGM in January of each year.  At the AGM our plans for the coming year are decided and committees are formed to run the events where needed.  Sponsorship for the coming show season is allocated and any clinics are put in place.  Anyone entering the Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity must be a member of the club as well as youth to receive year end awards.

The club is run by and executive chosen from the 9 elected directors.  The directors have a 3 year term. with elections held at the AGM.  Directors meet at least twice a year to head the AGM and any other issues that may arise.   General meetings can be called at anytime if a situation arises that needs consent from the membership at large.

We all work together to promote, enjoy and educate the public  about Belgian and Percheron draft horse breeds.  Contact us if you have an idea where we could promote our club.